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Money Talks

But is it ever enough?

How do you measure Financial Success?
It doesn’t have to be complicated

▬ feelings about money ▬

Are these scenarios familiar?

Are you leaving bills unopened?
Is it the end of the month and you have no money left to save?
Do you worry that you won’t be able to leave an inheritance for your children?
Do you have an emergency fund?

Money has an influence on all the decisions we make in life. We spend more time worrying about it than trying to solve it. Since young age most of us are taught not to talk about money, which is why we find it difficult to speak up and talk. Some of us have even been brought up with negative money memories and connections.

Remember, money talks, but are we listening? At the Money Coaching Hub, I can help you

Get your financial relationship on track
Improve your relationship with your family, work, partner, and most importantly, yourself.
▬ Manage Your Money ▬

What are your money concerns?

Do you want to:
Pay off your debts?
Start investing?
Save for your wedding?
Become more confident with your cash?
Create an Emergency Fund for peace of mind?

Were you ever in a situation where you feel you are earning a good salary, but when the end of the month comes, you always end up broke and don’t know where all the money you earn has been spent on?

All you need is a money map, the right financial knowledge and motivation along the way to support and empower you.

Take the reins with us, and we will get your through a financial journey to you target money destination

"Let me help you

Be great with money"

▬ About Luca ▬

What is your relationship with money?

Hello. I am Luca, a Certified Money Coach, and the creator of the Money Coaching Hub.

I am here to help you get rid of your old money habits and help you create a new, healthy relationship with your finances.

What is your money story? Do you feel anxiety when thinking about money? Or is it fear? Do you find it difficult to communicate about money with your partner and family?

I can help you understand your story and improve your relationship with money. Money coaching is a journey where you will feel in control, confident and comfortable with your finances

▬ Testimonials ▬

What our customers say

I really enjoyed working with Luca during our coaching session. Not only he is an expert on the topic, but he is able to explain principles in the simplest of ways and makes discussions around finances less awkward and unconfortable. I would strongly reccommend working with Luca especially if you have a financial goal to reach.
Laura Zahra
HR Professional
Luca helped me understand all I needed to know to start investing my money, by providing all the available options that make sense for my lifestyle and budget. Luca is very passionate about the subject and I highly recommend Money Coaching Hub to anyone who needs a better understanding of how to manage their income and who needs help projecting their finances for the foreseeable future. 10/10!
Angele Azzopardi
Freelance Creative Director
Luca has amazing insight and dedication toward changing the way people think about money and their money behaviors. His step-by-step process made it easy to have life-changing results for me. His strategic training was the best choice I’ve ever made. Proactive in planning and committed to results. I recommend Luca 100%. Thank you very much!
Damian Depetris
It was a real pleasure collaborating with Luca, via Thomas Smith Group, whereby he delivered a presentation to employees on the psychology of money, while exploring & discussing ways how one can secure a financial future. Creating awareness helps create more equipped individuals. If you have not yet considered organising such a workshop for your employees, I recommend you get in touch with Luca.
Liana Naudi
Marketing & Human Resources Director at Thomas Smith Freight Forwarding & Port Agent
▬ Money Types ▬

Which money types are running your money life?

Do you know what your relationship with money is like?

You may feel that you are in the driving seat like a Warrior, but then a day may come where we are guided by our inner Innocent or Martyr, which can be a result of our early childhood.

Some mornings we may experience our Victim, and in other instances there may be a bit of a Fool in us, especially when we go on an impulsive spending splurge.


Knowing your traits and controlling our mindset revolutionises our relationship with money, and allows us to transform into the most coveted archetype of all: Money Magicians.

Want to know which kind of traits are present in your life? Take The Money Type Quiz and learn how you too, whatever your current situation, can become a Money Magician

▬ Coaching Services ▬

Coaching Tailored for You

Whether you are trying to build wealth by yourself, or maybe you’re trying to come up with a financial plan to live a more comfortable life, our one-to-one coaching sessions are tailored to suit your needs

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