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About Luca

In 2011 I graduated from University for the first time.

In 2017 I graduated for the second time, this time with a Masters Degree in Finance and Investment.

Yet I still couldn’t understand the emotions and behaviours around how you earn, spend and save money. That is until I became a Certified Money Coach.

I created the Money Coaching Hub to increase your financial literacy, build your wealth and fix your relationship with money along the way.

"Changing Lives

Changing Futures"

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Why choose to work with me?

A Money Coach is not a financial adviser, nor is he a financial planner. There will be no financial/investment jargon during our conversations. We will instead focus on your relationship with money since youth, how your current behaviour with money has developed, and what you can do to make it better.

Remember money is only the tool. We all need to have some difficult conversations with ourselves to make progress.

▬ financial background ▬

What is my financial background?

I spent my youth in a middle class family. Despite not being rich, my siblings and I lacked nothing when we were young. And yet, I always asked why we lived pay cheque to pay cheque, no matter how much my Dad worked.

In my late teens, my Dad, the family’s main breadwinner, lost his job, and we experienced the first real financial hardship. I remember my Mum having to sell all her jewellery and other objects in the house just to keep us going.

Seeing and experiencing all this, I vowed to create a healthier financial destination for myself and my family. I studied hard, and followed all finance/investment-related news to make sure I was always up to date with the investment and other money decisions I made. I also read and studied anything related to personal development and money.

Every little bit helped, but I didn’t want to enjoy all the benefits of understanding the relationship with money by myself. That is why I became a Certified Money Coach (CMC ®) with The Money Coaching Institute. I can now effectively encourage, educate and simplify people’s understanding around money.

▬ Money Coach ▬

What is a Money Coach?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your finances? Do the day-to-day of managing money cause anxiety and stress in your life? A money coach is here to help! With knowledge, clarity, and tools tailored just for you, financial freedom isn’t about untold wealth – it’s about being able to rest easy knowing that everything financially related is taken care of. 

Get out from under this fog today with a knowledgeable partner who’ll take you one step closer towards understanding what happens between income coming in & going out.

What will we do together?

Are you ready to embark on an exciting financial journey? Together we will delve deep into the stories your money tells and explore any limiting beliefs you may hold. Guiding our exploration, I’ll introduce eight inspiring archetypes that can help shift how we interact with money for maximum success! Finally, let’s take a look at your numbers so together we can create a tangible roadmap towards turning those long-held dreams into reality.

Interested in working with me?

Ready to take control of your money? Let’s have a no obligation video call. I’m based in Malta but work with people all over the world, so wherever you are, we can connect and see if working together is right for you. Take the first step towards financial freedom today by booking a free call.