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Your relationship with money is not set in stone.

As you become more financially aware and your habits evolve, so does the way that you handle your finances. That’s where money types come into play! They act as mentors to guide us on our journey towards reaching our financial potential – but it starts by taking a step back and getting an understanding of how we currently interact with cash flow situations.

If this sounds exciting then keep reading to get started uncovering which archetypes are most applicable to you!

We all have unique money habits, but do you ever stop to think about the motivations behind them? Money types can help us uncover why it’s so hard for some of us to save and others excel at budgeting.

Developed by Deborah Price (founder of the Money Coaching Institute), money types are designed as your ‘personal teachers’—their purpose is helping individuals recognize their financial goals, identify any potential roadblocks on the path ahead plus make well-informed decisions along their journey.

The beautiful thing about these archetypes? They’re not fixed! As we continue learning from our past experiences & building an improved understanding around personal finances – they evolve too.

Ready to learn more and take stock with where you are right now? Read further as we unveil which type best suits YOU!

Unpacking the 8 Money Archetypes

Everyone has a unique relationship with money, made up of three to four individual ‘money types’, one or two of which tend to be dominant.

To make the most out of our financial journeys, it’s essential we explore and understand these money types – both ours and those around us! Here’s an introduction into how you can get started on that journey.

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Innocent

The Innocent is an individual who may lack the confidence to navigate finances, and as a result frequently feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Insecurities manifest in inner dialogue such as “I’m not good with money” or “it’s too complicated for me.” Making it difficult to trust their own judgment when dealing with financial matters.

This makes them reliant on others’ opinions which can leave them financially vulnerable due to a lack of caution towards external advice and motives around money.

Most of us start out in life with no experience of managing our finances. As we grow and learn, some take it upon themselves to gain knowledge on the topic – but for Innocents, matters related to money can seem daunting if not overwhelming; taking control over one’s financial situation seems impossible due to a lack of planning or understanding.


We often hear their struggles expressed internally as:

Instead they prefer someone else make these decisions instead – they’d rather avoid any involvement at all costs.

Discover the 8 Money Archetypes - Money Coaching Hub
▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Victim

The Victim is stuck in a cycle of blaming external forces and reasons for their financial troubles. While they may have endured unfortunate circumstances, Victims fail to take any responsibility or action themselves which would provide them with the opportunity to improve their situation.

Instead, these individuals are often left feeling powerless but will attempt at gaining financial assistance from others so that somebody else has the burden of taking care of it instead.

Victims of financial abuse or loss often have a deep-seated belief that they will not be able to attain success. This can arise from difficult childhoods, feeling betrayed by others and external blame for their circumstances – trapping them in an endless cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Unprocessed pain causes these Victims to think on destructive lines such as “what’s the point” and “nothing good ever happens” – leaving them desperate for attention, validation and rescue financially because they feel like victims with no hope of escape.

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Warrior

Financial success can be yours with the Warrior mindset. Warriors are powerful and confident, but in a balanced way — they understand how to take control of their finances and make wise investment decisions that work for them.

They don’t rely too heavily on advice from others, instead believing in themselves as they make financial choices guided by intuition and logic; setting goals alongside rationality & discipline allows them to implement creative money-making solutions while staying focused along the path towards prosperity.

It may require effort, but this is what being a warrior is all about: knowing you have everything it takes within yourself to reach your dreams!

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Martyr

Martyrs are known for their selflessness and generosity, often prioritising the needs of others before taking care of themselves financially. However, this type will usually attach strings in return for their good deeds – expecting something in return that may not always be realistic or able to be fulfilled by those they help. This can leave them feeling let down over time as expectations remain unmet.

Martyrdom is further complicated with perfectionism; when one’s own high standards and control seeking behaviour still leaves an unconscious attachment to suffering at large even though these people tend to rescue loved ones from adversity through financial means.

Martyrs often feel like their voices and needs get overlooked due to the high drama lifestyles they live, with extreme highs and lows. But here’s a thought: what if Martyrs put themselves first for once? With mindful money management skills, this smart move could be hugely beneficial – allowing them to receive equal amounts of support that they give out!

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Fool

The Fool loves taking risks and has no fear of putting their financial success in the hands of chance. They take a carefree attitude towards money, focusing more on having an adventure than securing a safe fortune – always ready for new opportunities!

Despite being led by intuition, they don’t shy away from details which may make them wiser if not richer. However it does have its drawbacks; sometimes failing to spot problems before it’s too late can be costly!

Despite life’s challenges, The Fool is a true optimist and never loses hope. They draw in money with ease but have difficulty retaining it due to the Fools’ desire for instant gratification – always wanting what looks or sounds fun.

To stay grounded financially requires self-restraint – something that comes natural to their Warrior counterpart. Deep down inside they are driven by thoughts of “if I don’t try it now, when will I?”

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Creator/Artist

Creators and Artists, who often travel a spiritual or creative path, are familiar with the love/hate relationship they have with money.

They want to be financially free but may reject materialistic values that come along with it – leading them into financial blockages preventing true wealth attainment. This is often due to a fear of not being authentic if they pursue prosperity; resulting in an iconic stereotype referred to as ‘the starving artist.’

However this doesn’t mean these visionary minds lack talent nor do they need suffer from their disdain for traditional capitalist ideals: there’s light beyond limiting beliefs so Creators can create success on all levels!

Creator/Artists should strive to find balance between their material needs and spiritual goals. Instead of thinking that money comes at the cost of values, internalize an understanding that if managed consciously, a healthy relationship with finances can help further your creative pursuits as well as life purpose.

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Tyrant

Tyrants always fear a loss of control and use money as their weapon to exert influence. Such behaviour is indicative of an overdeveloped Warrior, driven by the need for dominance and power instead of genuine care for other’s welfare.

Despite all appearances on the surface, Tyrants are often plagued with insecurity within, feeling incomplete or unfulfilled in life – which can lead to deep unhappiness.

Tyrants often pursue money as a way to gain control or power over the external world. They are materialistic, pretentious and unfortunately can manipulate those with an Innocent Money Type who believe that money is their ultimate source of happiness.

Their internal mantra includes thoughts like “Money buys happiness” and  “I must win no matter what price I pay” indicating just how much they value achieving monetary success above all else – even at times taking advantage of others in order to achieve it.

▬ Money Archetypes ▬

The Magician

Magicians possess a unique money wisdom, unlocked by exploring their Money Story and making peace with family financial dynamics. Their thoughtful approach to finances allows them to make smart decisions that are in alignment with what matters most; feeling secure today and prepared for the future.

Magicians enjoy greater clarity around needs versus wants as well as higher levels of confidence when it comes to finance-related choices – leading ultimately towards an empowering sense of freedom from day-to-day monetary stress or anxiety!

As a Magician, one is empowered to see money as an ally in the journey for prosperity. Financial peace of mind and security can be achieved by believing that needs will always me met and using ones values to guide financial decisions. The power lies within each person, allowing them shape their own fiscal destiny – without being bound by past mistakes or missteps.

Want to go further?

Have you already caught yourself resonating with one or two money types? That’s great! But don’t worry if not. Our quiz can help to narrow down exactly which type applies more closely to your financial behaviours and goals. It might also be helpful for couples who want a better understanding of their finances, so why not have each other take the quiz together and chat about it afterwards?

Ready to take control of your finances and make empowered money choices? Take the quiz now, then book a coaching session with me so we can work together on transitioning into the more powerful Warrior or Magician types. Make bold decisions today that will lead you towards financial freedom!